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Perseid Meteors…

Well, maybe it was just me. But, as a lover of nighttime photography (which I don’t get to do so often) and nature/astronomy, I decided to venture out last night for the much-hyped-about Perseid meteors, instead of just enjoying them, I thought I would try to capture them. Well, city life isn’t conducive to such adventures, but I tried. Often missing them after my exposures, I captured two you can see and a few faint ones at 2 am. The “peak” time for viewing is 3 am until right before dawn. I saw maybe 15 or so per hour (at peak time  you may see up to 90-100!). For those interested in photography, a fast lens (f 2.8 is perfect), ISO can range. Unlike firework photography, meteors are sometimes very bright and though only last for a blink, so higher ISOs are better I think. I set mine between 800-1000. Exposure times also varied from 5-45 seconds. Once you hit that minute mark you will see some slight trailing. Anyhow, here’s a couple of shots from last night…

I may give it another shot tonight, this time waiting until about 3:30 am.

This first image was one of the most interesting I captured. Although most were dim, long streaks across the sky, this one was short and extremely bright. On the cropped version below, you can actually see what I believe is its entry into the atmosphere and then there is a slight gap and it becomes extremely bright, burning out in green. The gap is where I believe it simply entered and immediately disintegrated. It was very bright, but as you can see it had a very short trail.



This last image is what a typical meteor streak will look like. Although mine was going behind the tree and I did not see very many, they are long beautiful bright lights and make great photography. Nighttime photography is another whole world that most people avoid. They think photography is blasting a flash and lighting everything up. That is not always the case, natural light photography, especially at nighttime, is very beautiful and serene.

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